Undermakeup Color Toners and Masking Cosmetics

Until now I have discussed the use of cosmetics for the purpose of beautifying otherwise normal skin in the previous posts. However, there exist a number of skin conditions, some present at birth, other acquired later in the life, for which the cosmetics are needed as camouflage. For some of these skin conditions, the proper use of conventional cosmetics is all that is necessary to conceal them. However, certain more severely disfiguring skin conditions require special cosmetics and techniques for application and removal.

For some people, camouflage cosmetics have made it possible for them to go out and face the world with greater confidence. Yet because the number of people who need them is rather small, masking cosmetics are not heavily advertised, and many consumers are not even aware that they are available. Undermakeup color tonners, which come in the lotion, gel, cream, or stick form, can be used to change the color of your complexion or to even out blotchy skin discolorations. As the name suggests, an undermakeup tonner is indeed to be applied as a thin film to your face under your ordinary makeup. If for example, you have a very ruddy complexion or have a dense network of tiny broken blood vessels on your face and nose you can use a green shaded undermakeup tonner to reduce the flushed appearance. On the other hand, if you have a sallow complexion, you should choose either red or a reddish brown undermakeup toner in order brighten your complexion.

If you have these kinds of skin color problems, I also suggests that you choose the right shade of toner for your specific problem and to show you how to apply it. When the scars or other disfiguring marks, compeletly depigmented spots; deep discolorations of the face, ear, and neck need to be masked, special camouflage cosmetics can be helpful.

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