Transparent soaps

Transparent soaps, like super fatted soaps, contain a somewhat higher fat content, usually in the form of increased castor oil or resin. They are, therefore, useful for cleansing dry or sensitive skin. Other ingredients such as glycerin, alcohol, and sugar are added to give these soaps their transparency and soft consistency. Unfortunately, transparent soaps tend to lather poorly melt easily in soap dishes, properties that occasion frequent complaints. However, their useful life can be prolonged by removing them from the soap dish and drying them off. No proof exists that transparent soaps are actually any better for sensitive skin than super fatted soaps. Again, personal preference should be the deciding factor. NEUTROGENA soap is a popular form of transparent soap.

Soap less soaps

Sometimes called detergent soaps or bars, soap less soaps contain synthetic soaps made from petroleum derivatives. Cosmetic chemists have attempted to alter synthetic detergents soaps to make them less alkaline, less irritating to your skin, and capable of lathering better. I still find a good lather difficult to obtain with these soaps. Nevertheless, they seem to satisfactorily clean the skin. As a rule, I have no objection to the use of soap less soaps for people with sensitive skin. I usually suggest LOWILA cake to my patients who dislike the greasy after feel of some of the super fatted soaps.

At this point, I must emphasize that almost any soap or detergent cleanser, no matter how good it is, can still be somewhat drying to your skin. In order to be an effective skin cleaning agent, a soap or detergent must be able to decrease your skin oils and debris, by its very nature, then, it must be somewhat drying. You can minimize a soap or detergent’s tendency to be drying by being less physically abusive to your skin when you clean it. In other words, when you wash, do not super scrub your skin. Whenever possible, apply a good moisturizer after you gently dry your face.

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