Moles, Growths and Brown Spots

Facial skin is a host to a wide variety of growths and color changes, some with long and complicated sounding medical names. In general, as you age, more growths become apparent. Though most of these growths, spots, and discolorations are begin, they can become quite troublesome cosmetically. Many people opt for cosmetic surgery when their spots and growths can no longer be hidden by makeup. Doctors use the term lesion to refer to any lumps, bumps, or discolorations that is any way cause concern or that different from normal skin.

Unfortunately, some people don’t do anything about their unsightly growths, spots, or skin stains simply because not aware that anything can be done about them. Other does not have them removed because of fears; of pain, of scaring, of turning something harmless into cancer, or of the expense. Another common reason for not having cosmetic surgery and one that never ceases to amaze me is simply because, way back when, family doctor advise them that, “if it doesn’t bother you, don’t bother it”. These same people tell me that for years they have unsuccessfully tried to cover their moles, beauty marks, warts, and liver spots with makeup, and were still unhappy!

If you can identify with anyone of the fears or the hesitation about cosmetic surgery, this post will help you. Fortunately, many reforms in surgery techniques have occurred over the years, and many people can benefit esthetically and psychologically by cosmetic surgery.

In short, removing growths, spots, and discolorations generally cause little discomfort during or after the procedures, require a little or no loss of time from work, and needs minimal post-surgical care. In many cases, the surgical wounds may even be covered with makeup after just forty-eighty hours.

In the following post, I will discuss the more common in office cosmetic surgeries that are available for removing a variety of common facial skin problems, such as moles, warts, keratosis, cysts, overgrown oil glands, and skin tags.

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