Common Misconceptions about Acne

Acne is surrounded by a number of other myths and misconceptions which also need to be dispelled. Chief among these is the one about acne being caused by certain foods. Although some people are so convinced of this that it becomes a real task to disabuse them of it, nevertheless acne vulgarism is neither caused by nor made worse by eating the wrong foods. There is no reason, at least as far as your acne is concerned, to avoid eating chocolates, fried foods, colas, nuts, potato chips, candy, ice cream, or pizza.

Foods high in iodine, however, such as shellfish, kelp, iodized table salts, and mineral supplements containing iodine may aggravate preexistence acne. You should reduce your intake of these foods or completely avoid them. The mineral iodine is usually included in most commercial multivitamins with mineral supplements. If you routinely require a multivitamin and mineral supplement, avoid the iodine by taking a plain multivitamin tablet and the individual supplement you specifically need.

Acne is brought on by sex is another popular myth, and one that often arouses a good deal of guilt and embarrassment in some adolescents. However, there is absolutely no medical substantiation for this belief. The only link between sex and acne is that, following puberty, the same increase in production of male hormones that affect sexual behavior and development is also responsible for increasing oil gland secretion.

Another favorite misconception is that acne can be caused by having long hair or by letting your hair rest on your forehead. In fact, the surface oils coating your hairs play little role in acne genesis.

Still another misconception is that acne is exclusively a teenage problem. Disappointment, frustration, and anger frequently follow when acne sufferers learn otherwise. For some people, the discovery that the stroke of midnight of their twentieth birthday does not miraculously bring an end to their “teenage” acne problem comes as a jolt.

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